Prompting User for a Zip Code

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I have a client's store that contains 2 Collections, 1 of these collections is only available if the customer lives in a certain zip code (well, currently 4 zip codes).

When a customer loads the collection, we want to prompt the user to enter their zip code, and if it is in the allowed list the collection's product page should load.  If the zip code is not in the allowed list, we want to redirect them to another collection.  We would also want to carry the zip code through the customer journey so that it is available to product pages, the cart page and the checkout pages.

I have searched through Shopify, but can't seem to find anything that would allow this.  I have also searched through the app store, but, again, cannot find anything in there that matches our requirements.

I am guessing that I will need to look into writing an app for this, but before heading down that route, I thought I would throw it out to the community.  Perhaps someone has come across this before?  Or can at least point me in the right direction?

Thanks for the help.




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