Queries on starting an online clothing store on Shopify UAE

Queries on starting an online clothing store on Shopify UAE

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Hi, I am planning to start my online clothing store in Shopify UAE, but I have a few questions that need clarification:

1. Shipment Carriers Integration with Shopify in UAE:
- Which shipment carriers can be integrated with Shopify in the UAE?
- How can I determine which carrier offers the cheapest rates?
- Is it possible to integrate more than one shipping carrier into my Shopify account and select the carrier based on the rates for each order?
- Which is the cheapest shipping carrier for Shopify in the UAE?

2. Best Payment Gateway for Shopify UAE:
- Which payment gateway is the best for Shopify in the UAE that does not hold funds for an extended period?

3. Zone-Based Delivery Setup:
- Initially, I want to restrict delivery to certain zones only. How can I set this up?
- Is there a list of rural areas in UAE that I can considered for out of the delivery zone, since I would like to target only the main areas in the UAE initially and not all regions.

4. Suppose the customer wants to pay by card for a cash on delivery and they has selected pay by COD.. how does that work will the shipping carrier company will provide card machine to the riders who deliver .

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Hello Everyone, 


Could anyone please help me with my queries, your insight and suggestions would be greatly appreciated .

Thank you in advance for your support.

Best Regards


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Hey KevinPais, some answers to your questions below:



  • Shopify integrates with several shipment carriers globally, and availability in the UAE can vary. Popular carriers that may be integrated include Aramex, FedEx, UPS, and local services like Emirates Post. To determine which carrier offers the cheapest rates, you typically need to compare shipping rates directly within Shopify. Shopify often provides negotiated rates with certain carriers, so it's beneficial to check Shopify's shipping settings for real-time rates based on destination and package dimensions.
  • Yes, you can integrate more than one shipping carrier into your Shopify account.
  • The cheapest shipping carrier can vary based on different factors (such as package size, weight, destination, and service level).

Zone-based delivery setup:

  • To restrict delivery to certain zones initially, you can set up shipping zones in Shopify:
    • Go to Shopify Admin > Settings > Shipping and delivery.
    • Add shipping zones based on regions or cities in the UAE where you want to deliver.
    • Define shipping rates for each zone according to your preferences (e.g., flat rates, weight-based rates).
  • As for rural areas, you can specify exclusion zones within your shipping settings. For specific lists of rural areas in the UAE, you may need to talk to your carrier.

For cash on delivery, just ensure that your chosen shipping carrier supports card payment on delivery. Good luck!


Your local shipping consultant @ Starshipit

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Hi Kevin!


You can use our third party app like Zapiet's Pickup + Delivery app which allows you to easily integrate with various carriers for shipping. This includes popular options like DHL, FedEx, UPS, You can  add these carriers directly through Shopify to generate your shipping rates. Our app will show your customers only the rates that are related to the checkout method selected in the widget. For example when Shipping is selected, only show shipping rates will display.


With our delivery validation feature, you can also ensure that customers are eligible for delivery by selecting a matching delivery location based on the information they enter in the widget. You have the option to choose between different validation methods, such as delivery validation by city name, customer within maximum radius, customer within maximum distance.


We also offer a 14 day free trial period to test the app.



Betty Makokha

Merchant Support Specialist