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Question About Payments for POD (Printful)

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Hello all,

New member to the Shopify/e-commerce community here.


I am starting my first store, and will be doing print on demand as I do not have infinite capital to start. After doing my research I feel like Printful is a good match for my needs right now, but I want to be clear on how the pay flow works. From what I can tell I have to pay Printful out of my own pocket for any orders and wait for Shopify to pay me back. This is obviously not ideal as it means more start up capital is required, and as this is a new concept I can not necessarily predict early order flow. I can’t imagine it gets to big, but I would hate to max out my cards unintentionally.


is there now way for Shopify to communicate with a print on demand company so that I just get paid the difference?


Any help would be greatly appreciated for this first timer!

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I found a similar thread here in the forum about this—have a look at it here. Hopefully, it gives you some clarity on the topic, however, just to be entirely on the safe side, I'd still suggest checking this with Printful's Customer Support by

Wish you all the best with your online store! Good luck!