"DIY" Manual Payment Capture setup for Danish (phsycal product) orders?

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Hey out there!

We've recently been notfied about Danish regulation dictating that payment cannot be captured before the (physical) products have beens shipped / fulfilled. This is unique to the DK market. Therefore wondering how others have set this up.

- We have 1 combined store, with several markets. We'd love to keep this setup for simplicity and to avoid unnecessary duplicate work (theme, inventory, localisations, etc.)
- Our WMS integrates directly with Shopify, and currently picks up "unfulfilled" + "paid" orders.
- Enabling "Manual Payment Capture" is a store-wide setting, and therefor NOT ideal for us (as this is only a thing needed for DK orders..)

Could it then be possible to ask our WMS + Shopify Developers to collaborate on a "DIY" manual payment capture setup ONLY for orders with Danish Billing addresses, leaving the rest of the destinations on automatic capture, like normal?

For example:

Danish customer places order + pays. Shopify then holds the payment, but places the order and marks it “pending” (or similar). WMS maps the order capture-process to look for 'pending' orders with DK billing addresses and integrates + starts fulfilling. Once the warehouse fulfils the order, they ping back to shopify to release the payment and to mark the order fulfilled.

Thoughts / experience / tips / tricks / help? 🙂


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