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I have an Israeli store on Shopify that sells products and ships them in Israel.

When a customer buys a product, and I want to fulfil it, I want to add the shipping details like - tracking number and link. 

Since the shipping carrier we work with is not listed in the basic Shopify shipping options, we have to choose "other" as a shipping carrier. There is no problem with adding the tracking number and link.

But once we have chosen "other" as carrier, the customer receives all the emails and notifications with the word "other" although it is not clear why this word appears in the email, and we can not change it to a local carrier's name. 

Can anyone solve this issue? any place that I can change this specific word? 

I am attaching a screenshot of the order as a customer can see it in his order history. (sorry for the weird look, it is translated from Hebrew)

Screenshot 2021-05-19 at 16.33.28.png

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May I know which carrier you are using? Shopify identifies the carrier by reading the tracking number. Since many carriers have similar structures, Shopify might fail to recognize the carrier and only display it as “Other”.

As a solution to this problem, you can check out our Shopify Shipment Tracking & Notify app
 If you have the account credentials and API keys for the carrier, I can urge my dev team to have an integration with the carrier. 

When you fulfill the orders by selecting the “Other” option and entering the tracking number, the app automatically identifies the carrier and handles the tracking for you. The app automatically sends the tracking notification to your customers regarding the package. Also, you get an integrated “Track Your Order” page, by which your customers can track their products from your store.   

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Thank you for your answer.


I am using a local Israeli delivery service, which is not known by Shopify and does not appear on the carriers list. I guess that makes sense, since there are too many carrier services around the world and Shopify can not show all of them.

Hence, I have to choose the "other" option, but then the word "other" appears in the documents that are sent to the customer and that doesn't look right.

I understand that there are apps that solve this, but actually I think that this is something that should be solved by Shopify, or at least if someone could tell me where in the code it appears, I will manually change the word "other" to my carrier's name.


If you could help me with that, it would be wonderful.



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Good day!
Can I get an update regarding the automation I suggested? Wherein I can scan the parcel using QR scanner and it will automatically place the tracking link for customer.
I’m using J&T Philippines, unfortunately, J&T doesn’t support this courier thus categorizing it as “Others” upon fulfilling orders.
Upon scanning the QR code on each parcel it only shows the tracking number, not the whole tracking link. So when scanned, it just provides the tracking number for the customers and automatically detects which among the Shopify supported couriers it’s compatible. However, it always detects UPS. They are not given the exact link which is J&T.
Here is the sample tracking link of J&T Philippines:
(Wherein the set of numbers on the last part of the URL indicates the waybill number)
What I suggested is, for sellers like me, we can have the option to choose the courier we are working with (example J&T Philippines) that are not listed on Shopify supported couriers but still enjoy the efficiency of just scanning every parcels and automatically generates a tracking link for the customers. Apparently, Shopify still doesn’t support this. And I have already suggested this twice to make the jobs of your clients easy and efficient.
This will help a lot and hope you can make this possible as other platforms are offering this kind of feature.
Thank you!