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"Payment gateway This payment method isn’t available on the store right now" using manual payments.

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Hi there. I want all my customers to place an order without payment, I fulfil the order manually and then take payment offline. order complete. The problem is that on the test site I go to complete my order with Cash On Delivery (COD) and "Payment gateway This payment method isn’t available on the store right now". I don't know what's wrong.


I've scoured the internet for a solution but to no avail.


If anyone could shed light on this ASAP as it would me most helpful because due to the Coronavirus, the business is brick and mortar so is suffering but still open. We want to use shopify for customers who are self-isolating. They order and we deliver the order locally.


It is not possible to give a final price until all aspects of the order has been processed due to the nature of the business. I need them to submit an order in the first place online without paying.

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I am facing the same issue. Did you able to solve the problem ?

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I'm experiencing the same block in trying to test my manual payment methods for the client:

1 - Bank Deposit

2 - Layby

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According to this thread, COD can only be tested with a real transaction. Development stores cannot be used to test a real transaction. In other words, developers can only upgrade the store to test COD orders. I don't think it's reasonable to open a ordinary store just to test COD 

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