"Paypal Account optional" enabled, but pay by debit or credit card option not showing on checkout

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Hey guys, 

Here's my store - www.notenoughmerch.com

The only payment gateway I have right now is Paypal, I have that linked to my website, and I have "Paypal Account optional" enabled under settings, however, when I try to make an order, it either asks me to create a new paypal account or log in to an existing one. 
What can I do to rectify this? I'm almost ready to start selling and advertise my store, but this is a big roadblock considering I don't have other payment gateways set up. Any help will be appreciated!

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Hi @ihaterattles , 

Is your Paypal account is already the business account? Because if you haven't had Paypal business account yet, Shopify will ask you to set up this and link to your payment gateway 

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@Kaylee165 Yes, it's a business account!

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Hi @ihaterattles , How did you fix this eventually? can you share please?

Really cool website btw, I'm an F1 fan myself 🙂