"Unable to deposit your Shopify Payments payout"

"Unable to deposit your Shopify Payments payout"

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I'm having some problems receiving my payouts. 

My shopify admin page is saying my billing information is incorrect.

I'm taken to a page to update the billing information correctly, and when I enter the "Old" billing and account numbers, is says "Old account must match the information we have on file.", and the one that's "on file" is the same one I was charged my monthly fee with, so it definitely works.

How am I possibly expected to fix this? 



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Hi @Heliosolos,

Hyde here from Shopify.

In order to receive your payouts, you need to have the right checking account connected to your store. It sounds like you may have connected an account that is either not a checking account, or that we are unable to deposit the funds into for some reason.

Considering that when you try to input your "old" account details our system does not seem to recognize them, I'm wondering if you perhaps mistyped the bank details the first time around?

I'm going to need to take a look at this, so I'm going to send you an email. If you could reply to that from the email address you used to create the store that will authenticate you and I can dig into the issue.

All the best, Hyde.

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