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"XYZ" Discount code isn't available to you right now

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Discount code for abandoned checkout customers is not working, displaying "Discount code isn't available to you right now".

I keep getting an error message whenever I try to put in the discount code I set up for my abandoned cart. I set up the discount code in the discounts tab, I specify that it can only be used for "abandoned cart", the abandoned cart email gets sent to the customer, the customer selects the link in the email taking them back to their checkout page. On the checkout page it says that " code isn't available to you right now". See below screenshots of configuration.




What the customer sees at the checkout


Thanks in advance.








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Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hi there @Emfab! Thanks for reaching out here.

Usually when we see this error of a discount code not applying correctly, in my experience it is either because you are not assigned as a person who qualifies for this particular during this checkout (in this case, a previously abandoned checkout customer) OR an automatic discount has already been applied to this basket, and so a second discount cannot be applied. 

Can you please double check to make 100% neither of these are occurring? If you look over the items in that basket carefully, is there any kind of discount being applied for any of the items?  Would you mind sharing with me a store front link so I can see if I can replicate this from my end? 

Thank you, looking forward to your reply! 

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Hi Ivy,

I can confirm customers are qualified (Have not placed any orders) and I
only have 1 discount code active and no automatic discounts configured.



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Was this ever resolved? I’m experiencing the exact same issues and can confirm that the abandoned cart customers meet all requirements for the code but it is still saying the code is not available to them. Would really really appreciate help here! Thank you!!

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Hi Leah,

I have had 1 successful recovery since I contacted Support. I think it is
intermittent, working in some instances othertimes not.

I tested it a couple of times to find it not work and then work.

I don't know how to resolve it, am going to wait for a customer to inform me
it doesn't work and pass on to support.

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Hi @Emfab,


You can contact here: to resolve this quickly.

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