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Hi. I asked ReCharge support about this and they refer me to you. This is just a simple issue. Some of the rates are not showing up on the shipping/payment page after selecting the subscribe button.


After going to ReCharge > Settings > Shipping > Manage my subscription shipping rates, I was redirected to Shopify shipping profile named "Recharge Custom Shipping Profile" and I cannot see some rates for domestic and for international.



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Dear @henry45 ,


We've encountered difficulties in obtaining precise shipping rates for subscription products through ReCharge.


To eliminate any potential configuration issues, please attempt the same scenario with a regular product to confirm the accuracy of the rates.


I suggest reaching out to Shopify support and also including the Recharge Support team in the same conversation to collaboratively work towards a solution.


Alternatively, consider incorporating the shipping costs into the product price and offering free shipping as an option.

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