Re-assigning or re-opening cancelled fulfillment orders

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Hello, we ran into a workflow issue regarding FulfillmentOrders and FulfillmentRequests. The scenario is when a FulfillmentOrder is `cancelled` I could not find a way to create a new FulfillmentOrder in `open` status to fulfill the order.


Here's the scenario I'm trying to solve:

  1. An order is placed and FulfillmentOrder is created automatically
  2. We submit a FulfillmentRequest to a 3rd-party logistics provider, and the provider accepts the FulfillmentRequest
  3. For whatever reason, the 3PL ultimately cannot fulfill the order, and requests cancellation of the fulfillment order and subsequently accepts cancellation
  4. At this point, the status of the FulfillmentOrder is `cancelled` and the order is not fulfilled.

We now need to be able to move the FulfillmentOrder to a different fulfillment location and fulfill the order. I am able to move the fulfillment order to the new location, however the status remains as `cancelled` and therefor never gets automatically picked up to fulfill. It needs to be in `open` status to be picked up by the fulfillment service.


What's the correct workflow here after a fulfillment order is cancelled? Ideally we'd like to make a new fulfillment order to replace this cancelled fulfillment order, but I can't figure out how to do that. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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