Re New policy: removing inventory settings for Facebook and Instagram shops

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I'm concerned about the new policy set to start tomorrow, especially since Meta requires purchases to be shipped within three business days:


Your products will soon be shown by default

On 18 October 2023, we’re removing inventory settings to simplify how products are managed for Shops. All products in your catalog, including new ones you add, will be set to show in your shop by default. You can hide or show products at any time.

While products are now automatically hid on Facebook when inventory runs out, with this new policy they will be displayed on Facebook whether or not there is available inventory.  Thus I will have to hide them manually (and hope I don't get another order I will have to decline before hide it).  This is a big step backwards for me. 


A Shopify Support Advisor suggested I purchase an app to take care of this problem.  Does anyone have a better solution?





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