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I deactivated Shopify Payments with the understanding that I would be able to reactivate it. Now the option to reactivate doesn't even show up. How do I reactivate Shopify Payments?


Someone else had this problem a couple of years ago and was instructed to clear their browser cache. I did this and still, the option to reactivate is not there. 



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Hey there, @DrKen 


Bo here from Shopify Support! 


That is most unusual, I am sorry to hear that you are facing this issue. Could you tell me a little about why it was that you deactivated your Shopify Payments and what it is that you sell? A link to your store would also be very appreciated! 


In my experience, if you are not able to add Shopify Payments to your store it is for one of two reasons

1) You are not operating from a supported country. A full list of supported countries can be found here

2) Your account has been blacklisted for violating the Shopify Payments Terms of Service. 


If you have been blacklisted from Shopify Payments you will have received an email from our Risk team detailing the reason behind this. The email will have the title "[Shopify Risk Operations Support] Your Shopify Payments Account [URGENT]". Please search your inbox for this. 


If you are unable to use Shopify Payments you can still use our platform with a third-party payment gateway. If you go to this page and click on your country from the list you will be shown a full list of third-party gateways that you can use. 


Looking forward to hearing from you,


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So basically there's no way to revive the Shopify payment again somehow?