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Recommendations for local prepared meal delivery service (meal kits)

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I'm working with two different Chefs who both want to provide local only prepared meal delivery (Los Angeles area). Like a meal kit for people within a 45 mile radius. Orders come in throughout the week, are prepared the night before, and then all packed and delivered the same day. Delivery days 2-3 times a week. Something like one driver making ~15-20 stops in 2-3 hours.

One chef has hired his own driver(s). The other chef is looking into FedEx couriers and the like. I'm wondering if anyone has recommendations on what service to use for this type of thing? Is a FedEx or UPS going to be cost-effective (and do they have special rules around food)? A local courier service? Trying to use a DoorDash, TaskRabbit, or other service?


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