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Recurring orders with SEPA Direct Debit (iDeal?)

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As a Dutch company with mainly Dutch customers, we would like to give the option to pay with iDeal and manage the recurring order payments via SEPA Direct Debit.

At the moment we're using Bold Subscriptions to manage the recurring orders, but it looks like only credit card is available as a payment method for that app.

Is there any way to let customers pay with iDeal and make their order recurring, maybe via a different app?

We're very new to Shopify, so all help is appreciated!


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Same here, Also a dutch company. I have set up Recharge, but it also only seems to accept Creditcard, or Paypal.

Is there anyway to make this work with IDEAL?

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Hi @MarkS3 @Lox 


Did you find a solution for this manner?