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Recurring Payment for "In-Store" membership services with an initial setup price?

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Looking for a way to setup a recurring payment for "in-store" membership services, however the initial price of the membership setup will be different than the recurring monthly price.

Essentially, selling a non-physical product through Shopify that has recurring payments on a monthly basis, but the initial price is different from the monthly recurring billed price.
IE: $250 up front and then $99 billed monthly after the first month.

I've checked out a few of the Membership and Subscription apps but I don't think any of them will let me bill an initial price that is different from the recurring monthly price.

Thanks in advance.

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We have a subscription app, Simple Subscriptions, and we are happy to help you set something like this up. This functionality is not yet available for merchants to setup in our app, but we are able to create custom plans and have done it for merchants using our app. Please email our support channel and we can help you set this up.




Check out Simple Subscriptions for a complete recurring orders and subscriptions solution for your store. Click here to see our demo store.
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Thanks @CakewalkAlyssa for your reply, I will reach out to your team and talk to them directly about our needs.