Reducing shipping costs with fulfillment center location

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tl, dr: I managed to save a couple thousand dollars on shipping costs recently but it was a huge headache and I'm wondering if anyone has a better solution.
I'm very sensitive to changes in shipping cost. I figure reducing them for the customer is like reducing the price of the product but without hurting my margins. While restocking recently, I wanted to know which warehouse would be best to send the shipment to. To find out, I took historical sales from Shopify and used the destinations to estimate shipping cost from a few different warehouses. As it turned out, one location was cheapest by about ~$2,000.
It took an entire day to hunt down all the shipping zone info, copy it into spreadsheets, etcetera. It seems like this must be a common thing but haven't found any good resources for dealing with it. Has anybody else done something similar? Is there an easier or faster solution that I'm completely missing or do people tend to overlook this?
Thanks in advance.
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Does your 3PL not automatically delegate orders to the closest location based on postal zone? If not, it should and you should probably consider another 3PL.

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Are you looking for a Midwest Fulfillment center that can help keep your costs down?

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try a fulfillment partner. I trust see if they can help you