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What is the best way to go about issuing a refund in the form of store credit to a customer when they return an item? 

Discount Codes - not really an option because customers should be able to track their balance and potentially split that balance over several orders. Discount codes as far as I'm aware don't allow this. Plus they are not linked to a specific customer account.

Gift Cards - Requires an upgraded Shopify plan for what surely is basic and essential functionality? Otherwise, this works in so far as a customer can track their balance, but I don't think it addresses the scenario below?

1. Customer purchases a coat for £50 + £5 shipping. It's on sale so only a refund for store credit is permitted.

2. A partial refund of £5 is issued as a refund for their postage. The remaining £50 is retained by the merchant.

3. Merchant creates a Gift Card loaded with £50 credit for the customer. The customer spends this credit on another coat which also costs £50.

Unless I'm missing something, Shopify will report 2 sales in this scenario - the unrefunded but returned first order, as well as the second order paid for with store credit. For accounting purposes, this should be one sales event, but it will be logged as two in the system.

I would appreciate some input on this.

`Thanks in advance.

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Hi there Ciaran!

Don here from Shopify!

Thanks for outlining your issue here so clearly on our merchant forums. 🙂

There could definitely be some increased functionality around this, so I'll be filing a feature request for you from here to see if we can make this work better in future.

The first thing I wanted to check out with you in regards to this is whether the order was made in person or online?

If in-person, it's actually possible to refund to store credit on our POS for iOS; though I presume from your post here that it was an online transaction and not in-person?

For online orders, it's not currently possible to refund to store credit, so I'll file a request for that with our developer team to see if it will be possible to add this functionality in a future build of the platform.

In terms of gift cards, there is one app out there that will support gift card use on any Shopify plan level. Check out Gift Wizard and see if you want to pick that up for your store.

There would still be an effect on your reporting from using this workaround as you suspect, so we recognise that this is less-than-ideal.

Hope this at least clarifies the situation even if there wasn't a lot of good news to share today. 🙂

Thanks again for sharing your detailed feedback, we rely on candid info like this from our merchants to continually improve the platform so it's appreciated.


Don | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Hi Don,

This is for online orders.

I've done some digging and found threads dating back as far as 2015 that raise this same issue and receive the same response.

Thank you for passing this on to the developers. It's a major omission for an e-commerce platform. Still, I will not be holding my breath.



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If you're still monitoring this post that link to the refund to store credit doesn't actually show a refund to store credit, it shows a cash (credit card) refund. Is there any info on how store credit works in terms of the return and then when the customer wants to use their credit?


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Would absolutely love if Shopify would consider this basic functionality. If its needed at the POS, its needed for the online gateway. Shopify PLEASE help!

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I just wanted to second everything said before. Please add us to the list of merchants waiting on this much-needed functionality!

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Ditto! Same Issue! 

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It's ridiculous to not have this functionality.

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Hello Ciaran & all! 

There is a app called Fresh Credit that may help. Fresh Credit enables store owners to give store credit to their customers for any reason, at any time, and in any amount. They have a 7 day free trial and plans start at $10 for 5k customers or less. It is very simple and easy to use! 


Below are some resoures for you that include videos, FAQ's, and more information about our apps!
FAQ's -
How to use ByteStand-Import Video -
How to use FBA Shipping Video -
How to use Fresh Credit Video -
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I see this functionality available for the POS app, but this would be very helpful for online merchants too.

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Fantastic. Another way for Shopify to extract MORE money from it's lifeblood--IT'S CUSTOMERS! Another way to nickel and dime us. Unbelievable.

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We just released a new app that could help solve this problem by providing you a way to offer store credit to your customers and customers can easily redeem the credit on new purchases/orders using a fully customizable widgets.

Also you can moderate and track your customers store credit activity and know how much credit is spent and how much is pending.

Please feel free to check it and happy to hear your thoughts.


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I was looking to do the same thing.  A solution i found is a bit complicated but it worked.  


1.  Figure out total for store credit

2.  Go to products and click on gift card.

3. Create a store credit gift card.

4. Create variant for price.

5. Save the product and go back to order.

6. Edit order and remove product.

7. Add new product by searching for and selecting the store credit and the appropriate amount.

8. Save the order and it should give you a option to fulfill the order and it will issue the gift card.


Hopefully this helps you. 

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In terms of a workaround, this is a great option. Thank you for sharing.


... But it still seems silly that Shopify doesn't offer store credit as a default option.