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I issued a refund to a customer, and a day later, she told me she didn’t know if it mattered, but the card that was refunded was no longer active. I see on my end the refund going through. What happens to that money that was refunded? Where is it going to?

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Hello @flatoutfabulous!

That is a good question!
You can advise your customer that if their card is cancelled, that money will be sent to the bank/company that issued the card. From there, the next steps depend on their own situation:

  • If they have another card with that bank or company, then the money will be automatically be forwarded there.
  • If they do not have another card, the company will hold onto the funds so it would be best for the customer to get in touch with them directly and see what the situation is.

If they cancelled their whole account where that card was, then they will instead receive that refund in the form of a paper cheque. From your part, you have already done everything that you could for the refund, essentially it is now up to the customer to get in touch with the bank if they still have some doubts about the funds.

Let me know if you have any other questions here.

Thanks! -Lana

Lana | Social Care @ Shopify 
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