Refunded or Canceled orders showing as Unfulfilled

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We use our unfulfilled tab to pack orders. The problem is that refunded and canceled orders show up under the unfulfilled tab even if I mark them as fulfilled in the bulk options. How can I get these orders out of the unfulfilled tab on the orders page?

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Hey Tyler,

Nick here from Shopify.

So going forward you're going to have to account for those orders that note that status now. If you cancel and order or refund it in future, make sure to hit fulfill before doing so to change the status. Once cancelled it will then keep the fulfilled status. If you do not hit the fulfill button on an order, then it is unfulfilled. As such, the behaviour you are seeing is expected, as the order is not fulfilled, and it never will be as you cancelled it before hitting fulfill.

Hope this helps.

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Nicholas | Shopify 
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Why would you have to fulfill an order before cancelling it?  This obvious a bad solution.  Olease add an option to delete the unfulfilled status for cancelled orders.



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Agree with Steve - this is a ridiculous, sloppy non-solution. Please fix this glaring issue.

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One work around you can do:

-Open the 'Unfulfilled' tab

-Add a filter 'Status is open'

-Click 'Save this search' and give a name for this new tab

That will filter out cancelled and archived orders. As long as you archive refunded orders, those will be hidden.

If you need are more comprehensive solution, feel free to try my app Better Reports.

It can show you:

-Orders pending fulfillment

-Line items pending fulfillment

-The total quantity pending fulfilment for each variant, aggregated from all pending orders.

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The work around that Clement suggested would not work for me or many others that use an API to connect orders to fulfillment centers.  They look at "Unfulfilled" orders and fulfill them.  I'll have to pay for customer development to make an exception for a dozen orders that I did not know to click "Fulfill" when canceling the order when I first opened my shop.   


This is sloppy not to allow these to be removed from "Unfulfilled".  There should be a "Fulfillment status" of  "Canceled"  or the fact that the order was not shipped on a canceled item is in a way "fulfilling" the promise and the order should be automatically moved to fulfilled. 

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When using the api one should check if the cancelled_at field is not null to detect cancelled orders.

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Providing a partial refund and then fulfilling the order shoudln't result in an order stuck as unfulfilled forever.

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Sorry, but the behavior described is inaccurate. I marked a refunded order as fulfilled, then cancelled it. It now shows as unfulfilled, and there is no way to change that status. This is really bad design.

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Agree with all of the above. We need the status to say Cancelled or Refunded, etc. Unfufilled may make sense to the programmer but not to the end user/seller. It's a true cause of confusion. Can you add this to the list of requests/fixes for the next update? It would be a great help. Thanks.