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Refunds orders (Shopify&Stripe) and Fees

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Hey guys,

I could not find the answer in Search so I opened a new topic :]

I have a question about refunds, when I refund a customer with a certain amount in my Shopify store (a customer who paid through a Stripe) does my Shopify store automatically sends a message to Stripe account about the amount of the refund and refund him accordingly?
Or do I need to perform a manual refund through Stripe in addition?

Another question, when I refund a customer, does the fees will be added to my credit (monthly payment)?


Thank you very much!

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Hey, Nicolaus!

My name is Alice and I'm a guru here at Shopify, and I'd be happy to give you some more information on this! ?

When using Third Party Gateways, it can differ as to whether they provide Refund Functions through the Shopify dash or not.  I can confirm, that Stripe is a gateway which offers the Refund function through the Shopify admin.  This means that by clicking to refund/cancel the order within the Order panel, means that the system will interact with the Stripe account, and issue the refund for the selected amount to the customer.

When refunding an order, this will automatically dispute your Shopify transaction fees.  If the order was placed within your current billing cycle, the fees will be removed from your upcoming invoice.  If they were on a previous billing cycle, you will be issued transaction fee credit on your next invoice. ?

I hope that helps and if you have any other questions or need anything at all, we're available 24/7 on chat, phones and email through this link here.

Alice | Shopify 
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I am trying to get my head around refunds through Stripe, 5 orders were paid for,there was a payout and this money went to my bank.These 5 orders were cancelled and refunded by myself.

The refunds appear as being paid in orders,but no money has left my bank.There were no further sales after the refunds so am i right that there was no Shopify balance to pay these refunds so its 'held' these until another sale large enough can cover the refund.

for example i have made a sale of £800 my next payout tomorrow shows £800 minus 5x£60 refunds =£500

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If I refund in Shopify where I use Shopify Pay for a product paid via (subscription), will the refund be processed through Shopify Pay or do I need to refund in the subscription app that uses