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Hi all, 

Is it possible to do a feature request on this community? We have a client that doesn't ship to the islands (Texel, Terschelling etc.) in the Netherlands, but there is no way to exclude those regions from shipping. The regions could be the country states + each island:


  • Drenthe
  • Flevoland
  • Friesland
  • Gelderland
  • Groningen
  • Limburg
  • Noord Brabant
  • Noord Holland
  • Overijssel
  • Utrecht
  • Zeeland
  • Zuid Holland

Islands (Inhabited)

  • Texel
  • Vlieland
  • Terschelling
  • Ameland
  • Schiermonnikoog 
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Hey @timvandevelde,

Usually what happens with feature requests is that a Shopify employee will note that they will add the feature request to their internal tracker, though nothing usually comes of it unless it's requested by the majority of merchants (they have an 80/20 rule - if 80% of more merchants need something, they may do it). You're better off submitting this request directly to Shopify support to guarantee it is read by a Shopify team member.

In the meantime, I recommend Intuitive Shipping to your client. Using the app, you can create Postcode subzones for the States the client ships within. If the customer's Postal code fits within that zone, they can complete checkout and if their address isn't within that zone, no rates will appear and they can't complete checkout. I encourage you or your client to book a call with our team to learn more about the app and for configuration support. 

Out of curiosity, why does your client not ship to the islands? If it's due to cost, they can follow the same example above and charge a higher shipping cost for the islands. 


Warm regards,


Co-Founder / CEO @ Intuitive Shipping Inc.
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Hi Sharon, 

Thank you for the extensive response. 

Our client ships cooled beverages (organic), and uses a specific parcel company to ship with low transport times. Shipping to the island would mean shipping time would be too long and the product would go to waste. Cooled shipping is too expensive. Thanks for the app suggestion, I'll have a look. 

I'll contact support for a feature request, with lowered expectations 🙂