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Regional Support: Shipping (Ireland)

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Learn more about handling postage and fulfilment while running your Shopify store in Ireland.


This thread is part of the Regional Support threads offered for merchants in Ireland. To see which other topics are available, you can visit the Irish hub here.


Merchants based in the Republic of Ireland can offer both manual and third-party carrier calculated shipping rates to their customers at checkout. This second option allows Irish merchants to link their FedEx and UPS accounts to Shopify and offer live rates from these providers at checkout.


In order to offer these rates, merchants need to have the carrier calculated shipping feature enabled within their store, which is a feature that comes with our Advanced and Plus plans. This feature can also be enabled on other plans for an additional $20 USD per month, or it can be enabled for free if the merchant’s subscription is paid for on an annual basis. If you’d like to add this feature to your account, please contact our support team.


Alongside the integrated options of FedEx and UPS, there are a number of third-party applications that allow merchants in Ireland to offer live rates from other shipping providers. Some apps will also allow you to buy shipping labels for different providers in Ireland. These include:


  • DPD Integration is a fully automated app (that requires a DPD account), where you can have DPD automatically fulfill the orders, print shipping labels, plus many more features that you can offer your customers.
  • Multi Carrier Shipping Label is an app that can offer benefits of connecting to multiple carriers, and offer tracking, labels, and many other automated features.
  • Starshipit Shipping & Tracking includes live rates from the likes of DHL and DPD at checkout, as well as the ability to buy shipping labels from numerous carriers.

If you’re looking for more information or direct assistance with any of these apps, we recommend contacting the developers of the app directly. The developers build and support these apps and their contact information can be found on the app’s page on the Shopify App Store.


The national postal service in Ireland, An Post, can also be used to ship parcels domestically and internationally. You can find out more about their standard postage here and their parcel service here. Additionally, they have more information regarding eCommerce here.


If you have a question or comment to make about shipping when based in Ireland, please post it below.

Don | Social Care @ Shopify 
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The validation on the Irish postcode field is not working correctly. Users can checkout while still leaving it blank. This is true across multiple stores using different themes. It seems like a bug in the checkout process? Can you point me in the right direction to escalate this with your development team?


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Thanks for reaching out about this, @kOZk37AjdQ.

Can you tell me a bit more, is it giving an error message or is it greyed out? Depending on the settings within the store, may have a need for what Ireland uses to locate addresses, an Eircode

This is the newer way of locating addresses within the Republic of Ireland, that while not mandatory may be what is set up within the store. Or are you also getting an error with the Eircode placement?

You can edit the language of your theme's checkout placeholders (the default text that appears as a suggestion) to recommend using an Eircode for example to your customers if this is what you are noticing the issue is. Another thing you can do is ensuring you have the correct required fields mandatory in your checkout (Settings >Checkout).

If you could share a bit more as to what is occurring for you, I might be able to suggest something else to resolve this, or if you would like to query your store, account access may be required. Please visit The Help Center and log in to your account to create a support request. Once logged in, search for a topic to try to assist you with this query, and you will see the option to continue to get to the live support teams below these topics, who will be able to access your account, and log feedback with the internal team.

Let me know how you get on!

Hank | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Thanks for your quick response Hank. 

There is no error message nor is there an option in the Settings > Checkout to make the Postal code field required. Customers can checkout while leaving it blank. This is a problem for my clients as they use the postal code to arrange their deliveries. Also, in the form code I can see that the aria-required is set to true, and the wrapping div has a field--required class which lead me to believe that it is required by default but the validation is failing?

I will follow up via the help system anyway.

Thanks again.

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Hi @Don,

Just wanted to suggest a solution to set up differentiated rates for Northern Ireland as opposed to the rest of the United Kingdom.

This tool:

Allows you to draw areas on a map to create custom shipping zones, each with their own costs.

Hope this helps,