Remove Portion of Business Name from Mailing Labels

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Is there a way to remove the word "Jewelry" from my shipping labels without going in and editing my business name?

My business name is "Chase and Scout Jewelry", obviously, I don't want my shipping labels to advertise what's inside the box but I can't seem to find the option on Shopify to modify my mailing labels to simply list Chase and Scout as the sender. 

The only way to do it now is to edit my business name prior to printing a label and I'm busy enough to find this annoying and time consuming to edit my business name back and forth prior to printing labels. That, and I have no idea if it affects my SEO to change the business name repeatedly.  Currently my work around is to take a sharpie to the shipping label to cover the word Jewelry but it looks unprofessional.

 I contacted Shopify about this directly over a year ago, the person I talked to said it was a great idea and could see how it would be helpful to a variety of shops selling various sensitive items and he'd get back to me, but I didn't hear back.


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Looks like not much help on this one from Shopify...I too am interested for same reason. I have to ink it out on my label, if I remember. One time I forgot and the package was indeed stolen.  Please offer a way to do this!

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I, too, would like a solution to this. We have stolen packages a lot. Removing the company name would allow for discreet labeling.

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same here for SAME reason.