Report on orders fulfilled over time based on SKU number

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I am trying to keep track of my company's fulfillment of orders by SKU. Essentially we want to know how many items of each SKU have been sent out (fulfilled) each day so I can use it to track inventory.


I don't see a way I am able to view this in Shopify Analytics-> Reports section. 


Any advise on how to handle this?


Thank you!

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Hi there, @mcgeegrant. Thanks for taking the time to reach out to the Shopify Community with your question around finding a report to track this information! My name is Imogen. It's good to meet you!


A nice feature of our Analytics Reports is that you have the ability to add in additional columns to these reports to add new information for visibility. For example, if I go to 'Analytics > Reports', and type in 'SKU' in the search bar, I have three reports generated for me that I can pick from. For this situation, the 'Sales by Product Variant SKU' would be a good match for us! Once I have it opened, I can click on the 'column' icon in the right corner, and add a column for 'Fulfillment Status'. Along with this, I'm able to edit the timeline for this report using the date pick above the report itself. I suspect that this should be able to help you with tracking out how many products of a specific sku are being sent out, or fulfilled, each day.

If you're looking for a more tailored report, you can create Custom Reports depending on what Shopify Subscription plan you have. Additionally, you can also look into some advanced reporting apps, like the ones on this page, to see if they can help you build this specific report that you're looking for. 

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Hey,  @mcgeegrant 


This is Denys from Mipler: Custom Reports.

It's nice to connect with you here!


I'd like to recommend checking out the functionality of our application.

 It is possible to have report based on fulfilled items and sorted by the date of the fulfillment creation:



You can find it by following the link below:

We offer a free 7-day trial period, and our support team would be delighted to create any report tailored specifically for you.
Just send us a request and give us a little time to provide you with a complete solution.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon! 🙂

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Hello @mcgeegrant 

As mentioned by Shopify Staff, you can use the 'Sales by Product Variant SKU' report to achieve this by adding the following columns: order name, order ID, fulfillment status and filtering the 'Variant SKU' column.

For reference:

Fulfillment by SKU report .png

However, if you want to create other custom reports like inventory, sales, etc., schedule them to the required destination, or consolidate data from various apps or your other stores, you can check out Report Pundit to save time and effort spent on data analysis.



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Thank you for the help, but perhaps I am not making myself clear. I would like to view a chart with a number that indicates how many units of a SKU number have been shipped out/fulfilled. I see that the method you showed instead organizes orders by SKU number and shows their fulfillment status. 


That would be an appropriate substitute for what I am trying to do besides the fact that when I try to narrow the date timeline to see which orders are fulfilled, it only shows orders that were purchased within that timeline. 


Since we are a small company and our pre sale orders have taken longer than expected to be fulfilled, this chart shows no orders that are recently fulfilled, and instead just a bunch of orders that were recently purchased. 



I hope I am making sense and appreciate the help. Any advice on this? 

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Thanks for the clarification. We do have a workaround for your analysis. We can create a report to run based on the fulfillment date of the SKUs and add columns to view your fulfillment and shipment status of the order. You can also schedule the reports to be delivered at your convenience.


For Reference:

Fulfilment Report.png


Fulfilment Chart .png

We offer a 14-day Free Trial on our app. Feel free to install it, and we can help you create your reports. Let us know if you have any more questions.

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