REPORTING - How to create automatic daily report showing "PAYMENT ERRORS"?

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Ideally, I'd like to receive an email alerting me to a "payment error" as soon as it happens. (Declined card).  That will allow me to reach out to the customer individually, and help troubleshoot the issue with this card, and therefore rescue the sale. I'm finding that some customers whose cards are declined just give up, don't contact me even though my email is in the notification they get. And they just go and buy from a different merchant.  Apparently the "Payment Error" notification only goes to the customer, and there is no way me to become a "cc" recipient of that error email? Why not? Why can't Shopify handle this? My previous shopping cart provider DID invite just such a duplicate email notification to customers or failed. ( Maybe I should go back them instead of Shopify?)

Second best would be at least to receive a daily email report, containing these "payment error" attempted transactions.   Possible?

I already have my contact information in the "Payment Error" email the customer gets in such a failed transaction. They simply don't respond.

Any other ideas are appreciated.

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