REQUEST: Show all payment options together during checkout

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Hi There,


We have an increasing number of customers who think the accelerated checkout buttons are the ONLY payment options we offer. The accelerated payment options go first because the rest of the checkout occurs on the accelerated platform, we get that.


But could we have an option to group all payment options closer together so customers better understand what's going on? It also means 'OR' makes more sense which currently nobody seems to understand.

So maybe something like this...


Just seeing those familiar AMEX or VISA icons in the vicinity of the accelerated checkout buttons instantly helps customers understand what's going on.


Also, as a customer, I actually prefer choosing the payment method first because some of my cards have different addresses. So selecting the payment method first is more logical when it comes time for addresses. 


Splitting payment options across different pages currently, seems to create confusion. And after testing the check-out process myself, I understand why. It's a convoluted process that takes you back to the very start of checkout after 'Alternative Payment Methods' is clicked! At least it did for me on mobile.


This doesn't make much sense so it's unsurprising it creates confusion - right?


Cheers, Ben

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202 8 149


We're now being emailed customers several times a week on this which means many more customers are struggling and simply leaving (we find very few people will take the time to email).


And when customers do email, they think we don't accept VISA or AfterPay etc. Silly - right?

Can we please have a response from Shopify on this? We send in feature requests and nothing. We post publicly and nothing. We're in partnership with you guys and you're not Apple - can you at least acknowledge this is an increasing issue for a lot of us? Something? A crumb? Anything?


Have also found other merchants struggling with this here:

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We are seeing the same issue with an increasing number of customers. As far as I can tell and from what I read, Checkout can unfortunately only be customized if you have a Shopify Plus Account, which starts at $2000/month

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Hi Ben, 


I have very same issue 😞 

I have the exact same problem and I'm really quite unhappy about it.
I have already tried several times to find an optimal solution, but so far I am still unsuccessful. I built my entire store again, here on Shopify, only to find out that there is such a major problem.
It's also very sad that no one from the Shopify staff here answered you 😞
The checkout is now on one page, but in my opinion it would be better if the express checkout was completely gone and all payment methods were in one place. Just that simple...
It really upsets me 😞

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Shopify do many things that don't make sense in the real world, beyond their money stained walls. Another solution to this is to allow customers to set a default payment method and to be able to show all payment methods if desired. Shopify can only see the fees they get by offering their most lucrative payment methods at the top, without any regard for the orders lost when customers fail to see the new "dropdown box" for alternative payment options. Will Shopify staff understand this argument? My guess is "no".