Request/Suggestion for Shopify Shipping Improvement

Request/Suggestion for Shopify Shipping Improvement

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I can't seem to find anywhere I can post suggestions for needed improvement to Shopify itself but a major one needed is with Shipping.


They are alienating an entire retail faction who ship with freight by requiring they ship through a 3rd party API.

This means you cannot use Google Merchant Centre to advertise your products in Google Shopping as you have to supply the prices for the shipping cost. We cannot do that with freight because the companies used show comparison prices and have other features that change the total price like the use of tail-lifts ect. 

It just seems like an area that they barely improve for service performance, only fixing it aesthetically or dumbing it down for the customer so its easier to put an address in. I find myself disappointed by their Editions releases when this is such a crucial aspect of so many businesses. They're already quite limiting with logistic companies for Australia. I'd like them to at least put in a product dimensions section for shipping thats optional but would help for API's instead of having to input manually through their own apps. Even if they keep it structured through 3rd party API's i'd at least like them to improve the Google Market to work better with the limitations of shipping costs. 


If you're battling with Freight API's and Google Merchant Centre, please like this post so Shopify might finally take into consideration the improvement of its limited shipping services. 

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hi @Ermitrude  I understand your frustration with Shopify's current shipping setup, especially regarding freight shipping and integration with Google Merchant Centre. While Shopify’s built-in shipping features can be limiting, you might find a solution with dedicated shipping apps that enhance functionality and streamline your shipping process.


One such solution is the Multi-Carrier Shipping Label app. This app supports a variety of carriers, provides real-time shipping rates, and accommodates complex shipping needs, including freight. It also allows for:

  • Product dimensions input
  • Automated rate calculations by taking into account features like lift-gate, inside delivery/pickup, etc. which can affect shipping costs.

This way you can bypass some of the limitations of Shopify's native shipping features, making it easier to manage logistics and improve service performance.

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