Re: Requested Shopify Admin for Saudi Arabia Payment Getaway !!

Requested Shopify Admin for Saudi Arabia Payment Getaway !!

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Hello guys


Here is my suffering story for Saudi Arabia Payment Providers it been two month until now, my website getting traffic but no sales, people laving after seeing paypal page so i decide to look for another payment provider.

and here we go :


lts start with bitcoin companies :

  • BitPay ( Bitcoin )
  • GoCoin ( Bitcoin )
  • Coinbase Commerce ( Bitcoin )

Bitcoin is Blocked in Saudi Arabia for more information Click Here



Since their website have no information about prices i called them & they said "The price is 3200 USD" which mean 12000 SAR to start up with them . and after i said "Really??" the agent just closed the phone.

and they have hidden information about fees Click Here


Credit Card Payments Powered by PayTabs

They Asked for 250$ for start up + 49.99$ Monthly And you must pay both at start for more information Click Here



They Asked for 112$ Monthly + i asked them in Twitter and they said "just call us" , i called the number and the agent just said "hey hey hey call me next day" with lazy voice for more information Click Here


PayPal Express Checkout

The best Free choice until now but not everybody use paypal in Saudi Arabia.



Its Paypal payment with different logo & level 1 developer for checkout page for more information Click Here



Welcome to hidden city for more information Click Here

i asked their support and they have 2 plan 40$ Monthly & 107$ Monthly and you cant make any money you want there is limits .



I have paid two month for shopify & two app bill just for waiting 2checkout to active my account i swear to god it was my worst customer service experience ever in my life even messenger bot is better than them i thank god that i haven't registered with them, For reviews information Click Here


Stripe ( not listed in Saudi Arabia )

i asked stripe if accept Saudi Arabia and they just asked for 500$ for start up Stripe Atlas and they don't support dropshipping. for more information Click Here




The real question is

Why do we pay the same price on subscription in Shopify when there is alot of apps not available in our country and even shopify payment getaway is not available?


Does it really hard for shopify developer to make an app that work as payment getaway for Saudi Arabia country i am ok with it if you take 4% per transaction but just make an honest payment getaway for us  .


i hope someone answer us.

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Your reply doesn't support the topic.

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I second that,  I want to go into the business but payment gateway is one big obstacle  

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Same suffering since 2016 ! 


I am now using HyperPay on the previous platform opencart 2.3 , Unfortunately the technical support surprised me they don't have shopify plugin. The payment gateway is really expensive ( setup cost not less than $500 + transaction cost 2.5% + $0.3 + transaction shopify ).


The answer to my problem is " Go back to your old platform ".

Answer your problem " Be patient there are payment gateways like paytabs they have a sales team who always give great offers ".


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thank you for this post we are suffering the same problem,

but currently we settled to use , but it supports Mada on the Offsite 3d option only.

have you been able to find a better solution?



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Any comments from Shopify is highly appreciated as i am struggling with payment gateway as well
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Could you advise what is their pricing?

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Hi all,,
i have a good news 😍

there is a new saudi payment gateway called “URWAY” they already integrated directly with Shopify.

you can visit their website

or contact with Mr. Ibrahim

directly to get more information about the requirements and offers.
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Hello All,


Thanks Mubde3 for sharing this useful information.

Have you personally dealt with urway? or if any one here have, please do share your experience.



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Hello SAM-2

my pleasure.

yes i have a deal with urway for some stores. and they informed me that they working now with Shopify.

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Hi mubde3, 

I don't see the integration of Urway on shopify. could you clarify? 


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Hi aalsheha

yes i see that, but you can contact them, and they will provide you their plugin to integrate with your shopify website.

thanks and sorry for late
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hello I know this is out of the blue but do I contact Shopify or urway

I would like to open a shop so I would like it if you would reply quickly

thank you

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Dear All, 

if you wish to integrate any Saudi Arabia based payment gateway to a Shopify store simply get in touch with Oganro. They do local payment gateway integration service for any payment gateway from any country. Prices are really reasonable. They only charge a one time fee to integrate. no recurring fees. 

Simply find a Suitable Payment provider from Saudi Arabia who can provide you very good rates and service, and sign up for their Merchant facility. 

Oganro will look after next few steps, Oganro only need a developer API documentation from your preferred payment gateway partner. They usually take around  3 to 4 working days to integrate a new payment gateway. 

happy selling.

All the best.

NAbey | Shopify Payment Gateway Specialists @ IPG Consults
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Dear All,

i am just getting started with shopify and im having the same struggle, have anyone found out what is the best option?

Thank you,

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Hello, Oganro is charging 0.65% per successful transactions going through their app.

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HI dears,


I am also trying to make shopify store from Saudi Arabia, have u got any solution,please respond I am new here. you can contact me at 0581125458, if you have time.


Sakhi Ullah

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Hi , 


It's been a long time since the last update..

We are still suffering..There are no options :]