Reship order without affecting analytics

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We often reship orders for several reasons, such as the product arrived damaged or was never received. The way we have been reshipping orders is to use the Duplicate feature on a customer's original order and just mark it as paid. Then our third party fulfillment partners just pull and fulfill those new duplicated orders automatically like any other order.


The issue however is that the duplicated order affects statistics such as repeat customer rate, total orders, etc. (e.g. Customer A didn't place two orders, they placed one and we reshipped it, counting as two orders). Has anyone found a workaround? Would like to hear if 1) others handle reshipments with different methods, and 2) if there's a way to reship without affecting these metrics.

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I am very keen to see the answer to this as I have exactly the same query! 



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Yep I am also really up for knowing how to do this!