Restrict Certain Products From Shipping To Certain States

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Hi! Certain states are only able to purchase a certain type of product (all states can purchase these types of product). I restricted these states from the General Shipping Profile of all products, and made a Shipping Profile for the permitted products with the restricted states selected; however, we ran into two problems with attempting this solution:

1) It seems like any product can only be in one Shipping Profile at a time, so the states without any restriction could not purchase those permitted products if they were not added to the Shipping Profile for the restricted states.


2) I split our products into two Shipping Profiles: Restricted Products (restricted from purchase in certain states) and Permitted Products (permitted for purchase in all states), which worked except for now customers in states without restrictions who added both a "restricted product" and a "permitted product" were charged twice for shipping (as two shipping profiles are added to cart).


What's the best way to restrict certain states from purchasing certain products?  

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Your second solution seems the best way right to implement this. But you cannot get around the problem of charging twice as it s the default shopify behaviour, it cannot be changed. 

What you can maybe try is giving a discount equal to the amount of the lower delivery profile. Haven't tried this but looks like it should work.

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Hello @MillerBuffalo 


As Shipping is some complex setup in Shopify, i have a few question for you.  


1) Does you shipping are flat rates for depend on any third party carrier service? 

2) Do you have multiple locations? 

3) Which Shopify plan do you have now? Your requirement can fulfil using APP but it is required to enable CCS on the store.


Let me know.