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We are a shop that sells food products online and we don't have any shipment to manage because we deliver our products with our drivers. We do not deliver in all the city that's why we want to limit the delivery area on our website so the custommers who don't live in this area cannot order. 

I want to know how to limit the delivery area at the checkout ? Thank you

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Hey Amine,

Limiting your shipping to certain cities wouldn't be something that Shopify offers natively, however, we do have apps that can help with this! Store Pickup + DeliveryStore Pickup by Secomapp or Local Delivery would most likely be the top 3 apps you could consider for getting the desired result.

When you click on the links, you'll notice the app developers contact information on the right-hand side of each app page. If you had any questions about the operations of the app it would be best to use that contact information to directly reach out to the app developer as they help with any questions you have! 

If there's anything else I can help with please don't hesitate to reply back and I'll happily help out!


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Thank you Peter, I will try these solutions ! 


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I have a very similar situation.  I do online meat sales through my eCommerce site and want to limit my customer base by zip code.  Have any new apps been developed that allow this?

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Hi Amine and Rykel,


If you want to restrict based on zip/postal code, or give different shipping options based on zip code, Intuitive Shipping can help. You can make sure only the areas to which you ship can see the rates. You can even restrict only certain products to certain zones if that is what you need to do. If you have any questions about it, I'd be happy to help!



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Hi Rykel,


If you are looking to limit shipping for these items based on zip code then this can be achieved using an app.


For example,

30301-30345 --> Ship with FedEx Ground(can be achieved)
30346-30356 --> Free Shipping(can be achieved)

30357-30400 --> Ship with UPS Ground(can be achieved)

All other places in US --> don't offer shipping(can be achieved)


If you are looking for a requirement like the above, then you can opt for Multi-carrier shipping label app. Your scenario should work out.

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Where can I get a list of postal codes for Southern Ontario? I need them to input into Local delivery in the shipping settings so I can restrict delivery to my current Local delivery zone? 

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Hey @Amine_Mobhatij 


I hope you are doing well. I know it's 2 years later but would like to let you know that I launched an app last week which kinda does what you are looking for. Currently it doesn't block customer orders but can be used to make them aware of your serviceable area. Do you mind checking it out and see if it fit your needs? More than happy to discuss further if you are looking for more features within same app.


With this app, merchants can add a popup or homepage section that asks buyers to enter their zip code and validate that delivery is available in their region


Apart from functionality you mention, app also helps you collecting customer email addresses from non serviceable zip codes which then could help you to decide your next zip code to launch.



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Thank you very much for your mail.
I don’t work anymore for the company that needed that plugin and I think the project is over now.

Thank you and good luck with your plugin, I’m pretty sure that people need it.

Best regards,
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Is there a way that I can offer free delivery for a 30km radius from a selected address? And then apply my own rates for addresses outside of that radius (different prices depending on the weight)?



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Hey Zoe,

Note that this app works as a way of informing your customers about whether they live in delivery zone. App doesn't alter customer checkout flow. Did you look into Shopify Local Delivery feature? If you reach out to Shopify, they might consider adding shipping restrictions in their future release.

As this is informative app and not something for restricting customers, sorry to say that it wouldn't solve your use case.

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I am offering click\collect local and additional 15 mile radius local delivery service, can i block any other UK area delivery as i do not wish to offer a UK wide delivery service? (Max 15 miles) 





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Hello Everybody 

This thread is a few years old  — however i found it by a google search so I wanted to provide an update.

Shopify has features to handle zip codes and radius for Local Pickup and Delivery.

After you update your Locations Settings, head over to your Shipping and Delivery Settings. You can manage those Location settings—  including fine tuning  your delivery drivers’ driving radius or by Postal Code.

I put together a free Shopify Local Pickup and Local Delivery Course.  You can check it out at

I will keep an eye on this thread and do my best to answer any questions.

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