Restrict shipping and payment options per customer group/tags?

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We're migrating from BigCommerce Enterprise to Shopify Plus for a variety of reasons, but we've stumbled upon an issue here.


Basically we would want our B2B customers to be able to pay with CC and Invoice and not enjoy the free shipping tier we offer our B2C customers. I guess the free shipping thing would be possible to manage via some sort of discount rule instead, but preferably not.


And B2C customers should be able to pay with PayPal, CC, and not Invoice.


Is there ANY way of making this happen with one store and the wholesale channel? Having two stores will be sort of a management nightmare for the warehouse/shipping crew I guess, and also a lot of extra work regarding the dual setup, design, app implementation, etc - if there are no options to make a carbon copy of the initial store?


We are open for most solutions, app-based, script-based or development suggestions. But the most important thing to solve right now is Invoice for B2B and not as an option for B2C as well as the other way around with PayPal.





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Hey David! I'll just offer another third-party solution here for you to consider. You can use our shipping automation app Starshipit to achieve this – it's got pretty comprehensive tagging and rules features. You can read about tags and rules here.

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