Restrict shipping on only certain products

Restrict shipping on only certain products

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I need something that allows me to deny 3rd party shipping of certain products. I have around 300 items on my site. I have about 20 that I do not want to ship via UPS/USPS/FedEx because they’re either too big or they’ll be damaged in transit. They can only be curbside pick up OR local delivery by my own trucks. I’m not sure what to search for to get this feature. Is there an app that is able to do something like this?

I tried creating a custom shipping profile. Instead of making it "free" shipping, I changed it to say "local pick up". I then adding these 20 products to that profile. I put in the item description that these items are pick up only. I had a customer add the item and then add other items not under this profile. It defaults to shipping and the customer was able to order the non-shippable product as well and get a rate for shipping. That won't work. Any ideas?

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You may have a couple of options, and they depend on how your shipping rates are set up.

If you're using flat rates, you can set those 20 items to have unique weights that correspond to a weight-based shipping rate. Ie the product is set to 500 lbs, and the weight-based rate is set to 499lbs to 501lbs. 

If that doesn't work, you can look at apps like Parcelfly that allow you to excludes rates for specific products (and many other conditions). 

This app allows you to say that the entire cart has to meet your condition, preventing customers from being able to add other products that can't be shipped via UPS/USPS/FedEx.

Hope this helps!

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Hey @Len351,

What you're looking to do can be handled using Intuitive Shipping. The problem with @wnelson's suggestion is that Parcelify doesn't do any live rating, meaning that your live carrier rates for items that do ship won't be blended properly at checkout due to Shopify not being able to blend flat rates and live rates. While the rate from each Shopify shipping profile may be correct, if there is a rate from both, it will show each separately and customers will always choose the lower cost, leaving you to pay the difference. 

The reason why Intuitive Shipping can solve this for you is that all of your shipping costs are configured within the app. You can create different a different Shipping Scenario for the products that you can ship, and another for products that you cannot. Most of our users create subzones based on Postal or ZIP code that they offer local delivery within, but some do choose to do distance-based instead. It's personal preference what you end up deciding on. 

There are a few answers that I would need in order to guide you through the best configuration for your store, so I encourage you to book a demo with our team or shoot us an email at with some details about your shipping, including:

  1. Do you want to offer accurate dimensional shipping rates for your UPS/USPS/FedEx items? 
  2. How do you want to define your local delivery zone?
  3. How do you want to charge for local delivery?
  4. If an order includes both pickup/local delivery and shippable items, do you want to make the shippable item part of the local delivery/pickup, or will it still ship separately? 

If you are a new store, you may qualify for our 'Starter' plan which includes 100 orders/month for $14.99. We also offer a 14-day free trial so you can take the app for a test drive before committing. 


Warm regards,

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Yes, I'm a new store with Shopify. I just jumped ship from Woocommerce less than a month ago. Just go the new site live 3 days ago. The starter plan sounds doable. I see it also takes into account the box dimensions. I just agreed to 1 month with Boxify for that because I could find anything else. If yours does the same thing, I'll definitely switch. Everything that needs to be picked up or shipped locally by my own trucks I have out of stock - which I hate having. I'm using Bold for the detailed pricing and membership option. I'll email your support team shortly. You can see my site here -


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Hello @Len351,

 Instead of creating a custom shipping profile for the “20 items'', you can create a separate ‘product 'category and add all the 20 items and enable the only local pickup and delivery option to this category. So, whenever a customer adds the product from this category into the cart only the local pickup option will be available and shipping charges are also calculated separately because there is no shipping profile.

If you create a shipping profile it will result in combined shipping rates at the checkout, even though a customer adds products from the shipping profile which is having only local pickup. 

For the remaining 280 nos of products, you can enable the carrier calculated shipping feature to get the shipping rates directly from carriers.

I would suggest the multiple carrier shipping label app, which allows the Shopify merchants to create separate product categories and also has the carrier calculated shipping feature to get the rates for other products. So, with this one app, both the goals of your 2 types of products can be achieved easily and effortlessly.

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Hi @Len351, looking for a tutorial on restricting access to specific products or pages on Shopify? Check out this video: