Return To Sender Issues - Increase Post Single Page Checkout Change

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We're seeing a super odd uptick in return to senders for shipments over the past week due to missing apartment/unit/suite numbers (it had been a true rarity before) ever since the Shopify single-page checkout change. We think the issue is linked as the apartment, suite, etc. checkout box requires a user to click & expand to see that box (with "optional" in parenthesis) vs. just seeing the box and inputting right away. I don't recall that being the case before and we think it's leading people to miss the apt number input at checkout and just not think to add it. Shopify of course doesn't catch the miss, we ship out the product to the address line 1 and USPS automatically returns to sender if they don't have an apt/unit number for a multi-unit building. Plus we have many adding it to the address line 1 making us think it's a true point of confusion with the new single page checkout expandable. Is this a new change with single page checkout and if so any way to easily fix it so that it's a default box included on the checkout page but just with the (optional) text included? Needs to not be an expandable.

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