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SagePay Form payment method - authorisation type?

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Hi all,

We're looking to move to Sagepay Form to process our payments via our website, but there is one question which I can't seem to find the answer to.

What authorisation type does the gateway use? Is it an automatic authorisation, or is it the deferred type (so we have to manually capture payments via mysagepay) ?

If anyone knows it'd help greatly.


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Okay so I got an answer from SagePay which lead to a new question...


The pre-installed "Sagepay Form" integration that comes out of the box with Shopify uses the automatic authorisation method. SagePay can enable the "Authenticate & Authorise" method which defers payment for up to 1 working week, unless we manually authorise it beforehand BUT this all relies on shopify setting the payment type correctly.... which of course, we do not have access to change.


Does anyone know how easily done this is, or are able to suggest another possible app / installation which allows us to take SagePay Form payments, using 3D secure, on a manually authorised basis?

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Hi Jay,

This post was some years ago, did you find a workaround? We have just moved to SagePay Form in order to comply with PSD2 regulations but just found the problem of automatic order capture. We manually capture our orders and the manual capture button is still 'ticked' on our Shopify settings but seemingly doesn't work! I've asked Shopify why this function is available in settings when it evidently doesn't work with SagePay Form and why they don't make it clear that if you change to SagePay Form that only automated capture is available. I wish I had known this beforehand!

Of course Shopify Payments works perfectly well and we have this set up on another of our sites but Shopify Payments can't pay US$ into our US$ bank account, which causes me a bigger issue. 

It seems somewhat disingenuous to limit function (or fail to fix it after 4 years) using anything other than their own payment gateway. This might be fine if I could get the same currency options as I do with SagePay but I can't. 

If you or anyone else has any update I'd be pleased to hear.