Sales report by customer that includes the last 4 digits of credit card

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I need to generate a report of sales by customer that includes a column showing the last 4 digits of the CC number used in the sale.  I can't seem to find that or even see that listed in my Orders window.  Is this available somewhere?


Name  Adderess  ITEM  Email  Total Paid  CC Nos

Something like that.  I do not see this column as an option in reports.  Is there an app or something that can do this for me?


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Hi, @DeniseVR!

I'm Miles from the Social Care team at Shopify. Thanks for reaching out about your reporting needs. At this stage, Shopify doesn't offer a report with the last 4 digits of a customers credit card. I understand you do have access to that information in the order timeline, so it's something I'm happy to raise with our team for consideration. So I can do this, I would need some more information from you.

  • Why would having this reporting feature benefit your business?
  • Are there other alternatives you'd be happy with instead of displaying the last 4 digits of the credit card used when paying?

In the meantime, while this feature is not an option, have you tried any apps at all? I've had a look at some of the popular apps, but the full reporting lists aren't available. I've written some suggestions below for you, and you can choose which one suits you best. In order to confirm if they offer the credit card number as a reporting feature, you'll need to reach out directly to the app developer and ask.

I look forward to hearing back from you so I can raise the request on your behalf. Thanks!

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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Hi @DeniseVR and @Miles ,

Tiia here from Better Reports support team.


Thank you for suggesting our app!

I really appreciate it!


I believe our app Better Reports may be able to help. We can create a custom report for you that lists redacted credit card numbers (last 4 digits exposed) and, customer information (i.e. full name, email, address), order#, items ordered, and amount paid. These reports can be exported directly to Excel, csv, or pdf.

In addition to building custom reports to meet your specific needs, you'll have access to 60+ built-in reports that cover many common use cases for merchants and our reports can be scheduled to send to your email or Google Drive at set frequencies.

I encourage you to install Better Reports and start your free 14-day trial, and I'll be happy to set this up for you. 

Let me know how you go and feel free to reach out if you have any further questions.

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Hi @DeniseVR and @Miles
I am John from Report Pundit , a reporting and analytics app in the Shopify store.
Our app can report the customer name, address, last four digits of CC, products purchased, transaction amount, and many other fields you might need. We also have customer journey reports that will help understand customer behavior and campaigns that are working.
You can export the reports by email in Excel, CSV, PDF, or Private URL. You can also append the daily report into a Google Sheets link.
We have a free trial to see if Report Pundit fits your need. Our prices are merchant-friendly. Our support team can set up any custom report unique to your business. Report setup is always free. 
You can reach me at
Report Pundit - Instant reports and custom dashboards

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Hey, @DeniseVR 


This is Denys from Mipler: Custom Reports. It's nice to connect with you here!

I noticed an old topic that isn't been marked as solved and wanted to suggest trying out our application.


Here you can get 4 last credit card digits in the different formats:



You can explore it through the following link: Mipler: Advanced Reports

We offer a free 7-day trial, and our support team is ready to create any report you need.


Just send us a request, and we’ll provide a complete solution promptly.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon! 🙂

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