Scam Shop please Help

Scam Shop please Help

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i want to get my Money Back from a Scam Order,

Here is the Form from Shopify what does not work with the order link.

the Problem is i tested it on mobile and PC the confirmation Link and the Link worked

it is like this (i deleted som numbers because of my Adress would be Shown. but in the indutruction its need to be like this

I tried to Copy this Link what is in the description, and i tried to put the correct Link in the notices but then cames not the error "invalid confirmation code"
it came now "No Order Found.
It is the Shop
By the way i have a shop also and all Confirmation Links or Order Showing Links its Like the Version that not worked
: not the one what shopify wants.
Here is the Form from Shopify

So my Question where i get the right order Link?

Please help me

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