Security Deposit Hold on Credit Card for Rental Business

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For a rental business is there a way to place a pre-authorized hold on a customer's credit card to act as a security deposit in case a rented item is returned damaged or not returned at all?

This is how I would like the payments to work: The customer's credit card is charged immediately for the price of the rental AND a pre-authorized hold is placed on the customer's credit card for a specified amount acting as a security deposit. If the rented item is returned damaged or not returned at all, the pre-authorized hold amount is charged to the customer's credit card. Would need the pre-authorization to last 30+ days since we currently offer 30-day rentals.

Previous replies to similar questions recommended the DeferPay app, but it doesn't seem to exist in the Shopify App store anymore. Any other app or payment gateway suggestions that could do this?


Any other methods that could achieve the same objective aside from charging the deposit upfront and refunding later?



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Hi An Dee, 

Nick here from Shopify. 

I just had a look there and saw that the DeferPay app is no longer in the app store, so you are correct. I did some digging on this for you to see if it is something which is possible. I reached out to the financial support team also, and they mentioned it would be an app that would need to be attached to your payment gateway as that's where the money is being dealt from and that Shopify Payments doesn't have a feature like this either. I will send this as feedback to our team on your behalf as a feature request though. I can see how it would be beneficial to your business, but is there anything else you could mention that you would like and I could mention it as well? Just let me know in a reply if there is. 

In the meantime, I think your best bet could be along the lines of a partial payment system. I know it's not completely ideal but there is an app Payment Plans which has many different features you could manipulate to find a workflow that suits. It could also be worth reaching out to a Shopify Expert directly to see if something could be custom made. I'm not sure if it even is possible but it's worth checking to be sure. 

Hope this helps guide you on the best next steps and look forward to hearing from you. 

All the best, Nick

Nick | Community Moderator @Shopify

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Hello Nick,


It is has been one year since the reply below.  I have a rental business similar to the description below.  Is there a solution yet for such rental deposits?  I see that customers have been asking this question for about 3 years total.


Thank you in advance.

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I have a different need for a hold on CC:

I have an import business and the products have long delivery time - up to 45 days.

Let's say an order is $1,000. I would like to hold the entire $1,000, charge $500 immediately, charge $400 in 7 days, and charge the remaining $100 shortly after delivery (which can be 45 days).  

Because the delivery can be so long (some banks have a 30-day limit), I may need to release and have another hold authorized.


Thank you!


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Hi An,

Any chance you found a solution for this? I have the same question

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Hi Nick, 

It's been 2 years since your reply and was wondering if you have found an updated solution to this?

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I was wondering if you ever found a solution to your question? I require the same function. 

I would appreciate any advice you may have. Shopify still doesn't seem to have this function. 



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Hi there,


Can we have someone from Shopify respond with some clarity on this? Should we have a 3rd party group build this?

I imagine the ROI is pretty good for Shopify here.

Thank you

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Hi An-Dee, did you ever find a solution to this? Any third party apps that achieve the same result or did you go custom?

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any luck on a resolution? Seems like every comment/question relating to this has yet to see a resolution posted