Security Deposit Hold on Credit Card for Rental Business

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For a rental business is there a way to place a pre-authorized hold on a customer's credit card to act as a security deposit in case a rented item is returned damaged or not returned at all?

This is how I would like the payments to work: The customer's credit card is charged immediately for the price of the rental AND a pre-authorized hold is placed on the customer's credit card for a specified amount acting as a security deposit. If the rented item is returned damaged or not returned at all, the pre-authorized hold amount is charged to the customer's credit card. Would need the pre-authorization to last 30+ days since we currently offer 30-day rentals.

Previous replies to similar questions recommended the DeferPay app, but it doesn't seem to exist in the Shopify App store anymore. Any other app or payment gateway suggestions that could do this?


Any other methods that could achieve the same objective aside from charging the deposit upfront and refunding later?



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June 2021 - I have the same issue for a client who has a hire business. Pre-authorisation is a pre-requisite and not an outlandish request in the rapidly-growing rentals market.

C'mon Shopify...



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Any update on this security deposit hold? It would greatly benefit my rental business. 

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Hi Nick,


Temporary credit card holds are something my clients are interested in, as well. But I'm struggling to find a good option for them on Shopify. Seeing as this was posted in 2018, has there been an app created for this yet?