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We are using calculated shipping rates, but when we enter a draft order and pay on behalf of the customer (we don't send them an invoice - some of them have a credit card on file), we don't see an option to select the shipping based on the weights. (We are also using Boxify). I understand that if we send the invoice, they will see the shipping when they process the order, but some of our customers just won't do that - they would rather us handle it. Any thoughts? Thanks,

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Hi Keith2,

Would you be open to a workaround that turns abandoned checkout into draft order?

The idea is that instead of creating draft order manually, you go to your store and add the items you want to cart like a normal customer, then initiate checkout, and let Shopify calculate the shipping rate (with the help of Boxify app), select the correct shipping option, then don't complete the payment step.

As the checkout is not completed, an abandoned checkout will be created with the selected order items data and selected shipping rate, you can then access this checkout in your Store Admin > Orders > Abandoned Checkout.

Next, you can install Draftable app (, I am the developer of this app) to convert the abandoned checkout into Draft order, and the generated draft order will have the selected order items filled and the shipping rate you selected in the checkout.

Would this work for you?




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