Seeking Advice: Dynamic Province-District Dropdowns in Shopify

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Hey Shopify Community,


We are revamping my address form on Shopify and could use some help. we are trying to link the province and district dropdowns so that the district options change based on the selected province. I am aware this is the way it works in the US, but our shop operates in Costa Rica mainly, where this feature is not available. We just get a province dropdown coupled with a text input and a postalcode input. A lot of customers don't fill these inputs with reliable information for shipping, so we would like to use a system similar to that of the national postage system . This would help us plan our fullfilment strategy to be more efficient and prevent headaches in the future.


If you've dealt with this before or have any advice on making dynamic dropdowns in Shopify, I'd really appreciate your insights!


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If you have access to changing the checkout (Shopify Plus), I think you can add another field. However, if not, I don't know if that's possible.