Self Serve Returns - customer pays return shipping glitch

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I just turned on self-serve returns ... but I have since turned it off and switched back to classic customer accounts because there was not a field for me on the refund screen to deduct my return shipping cost from the customers refund.

I set up my return rules to charge the customer $8 for return shipping (and when I tested this, on the front end the customer does see that this money will be taken out) but I do not see anywhere during the process of actually making the return to take this $8 out of the refund for shipping?


I tested it on a new order (after setting the rules because I knew it wouldnt work on an order that was placed before the rules were made). I also tried it on both a local pickup order and an order that shipped and it didnt work on either..


I do not want to have to take this money out manually from the sale because I want to make sure that my books are right keeping sales dollars vs shipping dollars separate.

The only thing I did not try was processing the return and refunding the customer from the POS instead of the back end of shopify... maybe that would change something but I am guessing not?


I got in touch with customer chat and they said that this feature might be on the way... because apparently merchants have been having trouble with it but I have not been able to find anything online about it so that is why I am writing this 🙂

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