Re: Self-service online store kiosk with in-person payment capture

Self-service online store kiosk with in-person payment capture

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Hey all,


I am working on a self-service kiosk concept for a client where the customer will be able to come up to the kiosk and shop the online store in a native app via a 24" touchscreen tablet.


Upon checkout, they will go through Shopify's native online store checkout flow and will have the option to enter their credit card address manually and I would like to also have the option for them to be able to swipe/insert a card/use tap or apple pay.


My initial idea is to integrate Stripe as a payment method and connect their Verifone P400 card reader/keypad to the tablet to accept the payment via swipe. If the user clicks "swipe/insert credit card" at checkout, the order information will be pushed to the Stripe terminal where the payment would be captured. Upon successful payment capture, the Checkout will be completed and the order pushed through as paid. 


More info on Stripe terminal:
Stripe Terminal


This is my first time doing this and I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with this type of checkout flow.


1. Do you see any issues with my logic using Stripe?

2. Have you done this successfully with another payment terminal? If so, what?



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Hi there,


I'm interested in a similar setup. Wonder if you made any progress with stripe here? Would be great to pick your brains on this as i'm trying to work it out myself...



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Also curious about this.


Can we have self Service kiosks in Shopify soon?


especially during COVID.


any working solutions for this?

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Hi mattdronkers!  Have you had any luck with this?  I want to do the same thing but only offer a few products, and also collect shipping fees and shipping information.  

I found a kiosk management app called Facelet (an employee commented in a forum thread in 2015) but it just barely misses the mark for me by not pulling in the custom order form on my product page and also by not collecting shipping fees. 

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Shopify looks to be working against this being used as part of their POS product offering.

They keep saying they are geared more to conventional brick and mortar. But in certain retail segments, a self service checkout is conventional.

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Yes there is a company. I came across this that has a few stores in Toronto using a custom Shopify self checkout machine. Sounds like it can do what you’re looking for. They run a Shopify store on a McDonald’s style self order kiosk with some custom software.


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Their website says that this works with Shopify however I have been trying to reach them forever they don't respond even to sales inquiries. There is no contact number either on google or their website. so not sure if they are legit.

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Hi this is Dawar from Eflyn (that's me in the photo!). The solution is 100% functional and fully compatible with Shopify. We have Shopify Kiosk deployed at all types of retail stores and it even supports Scan and Go. I apologize if we might've missed your inquiry — the solution is extremely popular and was previously only available to a select few clients in the GTA. It is now available to the general public across the US and Canada so we should be able to support your project!

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Dawar, how do we get more information on the eflyn Shopify POS self checkout?

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I love the idea of a stripe terminal did you get this to work?