Sell our products in one event

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We will have an event on March 28th 2023.


We have already our online store selling online, but during this day we would like to sell our products phisically at this event.


What would be the best way to do that?


1 - We wish to charge the local taxes in Florida, where the event will happen - Should we change our location on the settings to the address of the event so the taxs applied will be the same as location?

2 - We will create a QR Code for each product, print and ask people to scan in case they want to buy it;

3 - Becase we will be there, we just want the user to visit the site, buy online the product maybe as a digital product and if approved, give the product for the user in person - We do not want to use delivery options since we will be in person


Thanks for the directions!


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