Selling/shipping to only US and Canada - reasonable or too restrictive?

Selling/shipping to only US and Canada - reasonable or too restrictive?

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Hi there ,
I'm figuring out a strategy for my business. I'm thinking about only selling to US/Canada markets (I'm UK-based).
One reason I'm choosing US/Canada is because for me, being new, a simple, contained approach where I can accurately price products based on shipping costs might be easiest. US/Canada are still large markets.
I'm going to use Spocket for my products. I find the international shipping costs hugely varied. It does depend on individual products. For many of my products, there is either no profit once shipping is considered or it's impossible to form a reasonable pricing strategy as I'd like to include shipping in my costs. If only supplying to US/Canada, the shipping costs are more clearer.
I was also thinking that if using US/Canadian suppliers, delivery would usually be 1-3 days, which is great.
I'm thinking that setting my Shopify currency to US dollars would make sense. It should also help when I import Spocket products as those are set in dollars and the pricing/shipping will be easier to manage.
Shopify says that once you have changed your currency and made a sale, you cannot change it again. I have to make a decision that will be a long term one and fundamental to my business.
I'm wondering if anyone else has chosen a specific currency in Shopify that they've now had to live with.
I thought it would be good to get feedback on others experiences and thoughts about my plan to focuses on US/Canada.
Any thoughts, ideas much appreciated.
All the best 🙂
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Hello again!

Thank you for using Spocket for your products! It does make sense for you to change the currency to US dollars because it is the most commonly used currency especially if you target US/Canada.

Setting up your shipping can be tricky at first but you definitely get the hang of it as you progress and grow your store. You can reach out to us at if you ever need any help and we'll gladly do our best to assist you!

We also recommend that you join our facebook community where you can look for feedbacks and comments from actual experienced consumers, store owners and experts. Here is a link to join our FB group:

We'd be looking forward to working closely with you!



The Spocket Team