Sending tracking number to customers

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How to send tracking number to customers along with the courier company name.

When my customers receive tracking details they only receive a link which redirects them to the tracking url.


I want them to send them tracking number , courier company name and tracking url seperately while  fulfiling the order.


Please guide my through this issueI have attached a screenshot of my fulfilment page.fulfilment pagefulfilment page

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Which carrier are you using to ship the products to the customers?

Shopify identifies the carrier by reading the tracking number. Since many carriers have similar structures, Shopify sometimes fails to recognize the carrier and only displays it as “Other”.

As an ideal solution to the technical issue, you can check the Shopify Shipment Tracking & Notify app.

Carriers can be directly integrated with the Shopify store after connecting with a verified account.

After fulfilling the orders by selecting the “Other” option and entering the tracking number, the app automatically identifies the carrier and handles the tracking for you.

The app automatically sends the tracking notification to your customers regarding the package.

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Hello ,

I am using a local courier service for sending my parcels and hence it does not detect the courier company. It there any way to send just the tracking number and the courier company name to the customers. Which will be enough for them to track their parcels themselves, I don't want to send them any tracking url .