Separate checkout option for a customer group

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We are creating a Wholesale B2B on our existing B2C website via a log in The issue we are facing is at point of checkout we don’t want to offer PayPal/ clear pay etc functions for the B2B customer - ideally we would also like funds to go to a different bank account. Is it possible to set up different payment options for different customer groups via tags? 

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Hi @Ellen11,

Really great questions! While it's only possible to have one bank account assigned per store as well as one payment gateway (but you can have another third party gateway like PayPal). In saying all that though, I wonder if setting up a different section in your store for your wholesale B2B customers could be a way to workaround this? There are some great apps in the Shopify App store which I like for it, let me link them below:

These are the two I like the most, but you can see some others here

Do you think these could work with the payment limitation in mind?

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This is not a solution for the thread maker. 

He wants to have a separated checkout aka different payment method per different customers


This is a shortage from Shopify, seem like no solution for this


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