Separate International (Canada) Shipping Process - Netsuite + Plugin?

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We are currently running our USA webstore in Shopify with Netsuite as our ERP, using Farapp as the connector between the two systems. Orders are passed to Netsuite, and we are generating shipping labels and tracking numbers via the Netsuite fulfillment process, then passing that information back to Shopify. Inventory is maintained by Netsuite. UPS and USPS are integrated natively in Netsuite, so this works fine for domestic USA orders.

The problem I am trying to solve is shipping to Canada.. Currently we offer USPS Priority international, which does not allow DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) as an option, so our customers wind up with a bill for additional duty for their orders. As much as people should realize there is a duty owed on their orders, frequently they do not.

So I have two related questions.. can I process shipments _only_ for Canadian orders right in Shopify, and print the labels separately somehow, then run all our USA orders in Netsuite? Second, would I be better off using a separate shipping manager to handle all shipping labels and fulfillments? If so, does anyone have a suggestion for a good shipping manager?


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