Set Domestic Shipping based on product size not weight.

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I am trying to find out if there is a way to limit the ability to choose Domestic Shipping at checkout when the item a customer has purchased is over a certain size?


Recently our Domestic carrier (Sendle) has reduced the size limit on packages they are willing to take meaning we have products that Shopify thinks are valid (correct weight) but are now too long to be accepted. Our business sells a range of products with varying sizes and lengths many of which can be upwards of 2+ meters in length but can still be relatively low in weight (i.e under 5/10kgs).


I may have missed something but i haven't seen an option to set shipping rates based on physical size rather than weight. Is this possible? Or is this something we would need an app to do?




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Hello @Tubeclamp ,


The most recommended approach would be to utilize an app that can compute carrier-calculated rates specifically for Sendle.


This app will automatically calculate rates based on the dimensions and weight of the items. If these parameters exceed the permissible limits, the rates will not be presented at the checkout for the buyer.


Alternatively, through Shopify Shipping profiles, you can assign products to different shipping profiles to set up customized shipping options.

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